A downloadable game for Android

Get on-bought the Leakin Pirates's ship where songs and dance is the true pirate way of riding out the storms of the sea!

Use your phone's accelerometer to steer the drunken sailor safely through the waves, and slap the madness up onto the big screen, using Google Chrome Cast.

Will you make it all the way through the pirate's shanty? Or will the final verse be sung with the fishes?

Lyrics to the seas shanty, She Took A Beating:

[1st Verse]

Up and down she goes on the waves

A fine ship she was on the worst of days

She took a beating from the sea

A battered wife this all could see

God of thunder would break her back

But sturdy men brought her back on track

The captain did to her propose

A lawful wedding on the finest shores

[2nd Verse]

He was a drunk and she his anchor

For this he did not ever thank her

She saw him drink and she did tell him that

One drink too many and I will leave you fast

Captain didn't listen and he told her crass

That a man does not change for a simple lass

One day he fell asleep at the wheel

And the rocks did penetrate her keel

[Final Verse]

Sorrow overtook the mind of the captain

While the crew did ask wow could this hap

He admitted his crime and hung himself from the mast

His wife does haunt him for time everlast


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